The Impact Founder's Accelerator

Our program is designed for early-stage entrepreneurs seeking a support system to hit the ground running.

Founders looking to positively impact communities locally and globally can benefit in both strategic and tactical collaborations with our team.

Our DNA as a startup studio provides a unique approach to creating sustainable & profitable ventures through an action-packed acceleration program.

How is Powertrain Accelerator different?

The accelerator is dedicated to helping startups launch, grow and get the traction & scale they seek.

  • Get the know-how from highly-experienced entrepreneurs
  • Access to pool of potential investors and key partners
  • Huge team of amazing mentors
  • Be part of a strong cohort and alumni community 

If you seek experience that can help your startup, then our program and community can help you assemble a 360 degree go-to expert that can make the difference you seek. 

Let’s get started.

Who is the accelerator for?

We support early-stage founders to find the right approach for their start-up’s path toward scalability and profit.

We provide an individually-tailored experienced with mentors for each sector, as well as a comprehensive leadership development program.

For startups who haven’t launched their product yet, we will help you smoke-test the market for early validation, and launch your product with a MVP-focused strategy.

This will strategy enable you to bring a fully functional product to the market to enable direct customer development opportunities to refine your business model.

If your startup already has launched the product, we will focus together on the Product-Market Fit. 

We will provide extensive market research, identification of underserved customer needs and determination of the product’s value proposition. 

We will also provide B2B sales guidance to open up to new prospects for business expansion, and designing and upselling new products & services to your existing customer base.

You have a validated business model, are experiencing signs of growth, and need to callibrate your model towards sustainable profit  & growth.

We can help with that. We have the right expertise, and a can-do, will-do approach to make your company scale. 

The Goal we believe in

Our intention is to help you make the idea you created, your startup more visible. We believe that your startup will have a huge impact on our world. 

That’s why we want to see you succeed.

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