Our program

Next Batch: May 2023

Action-packed sprint

A practical program to refine your goals for product, go-to-market and corporate strategies.

Peer & Mentor Supported Cohort

What to expect from our program

• Guidance from top industry experts

• Workshop and real-case based training

• Learn how to raise your capital in the most effective and fastest way possible for your startup

• Access to resources and connections

• Demo Day, where you have the chance to pitch your product to an audience


• DeFi
• RetailTech
• InsureTech
• Portfolio Management

Built World

• PropTech
• ConTech

Life Sciences

• HealthTech
• FoodTech
• EdTech

Sector Focus

What's included


Pitch to sector and stage-specific angel investors that represent smart money to boost your venture


Get up to snuff across key founder skills & understand the current market and best strategies to follow


Tap from a deep well of entrepreneurial experience gathered from a carefully curated network


Gain access to Powertrain App, our software to design & track progress across key strategic and operative dimensions 


In-person and virtual gatherings to strenghten our growth experience and community


What you’ll receive in product, go-to-market or corporate strategy services, according to previously agreed plan

Program Module

Current market dynamics require considerable elements of sustainability embedded into

  • Mind of the strategist
  • Impact metrics
  • Sustainability

How to design and launch ventures that use sustainable elements to amplify both their value proposition and profitability

  • The traditional model vs. the impact model
  • Measuring impact 
  • Sustainable business model canvas
  • Sustainable team incentive design

Before placing our bets, we must analyze available data and know how to observeuser behavior to anticipate and outrun the market response

  • Experiment design
  • Indirect research
  • Direct research
  • Looping findings into product strategy

We use lean and agile methodologies to seek the swiftest route to market validation & traction

  • Systematic creativity
  • Design thinking workshop
  • MVP launch
  • Customer research techniques
  • Growth hacking

Tap into new channels & refine performance on existing ones as you envision your brand’s value proposition anew

  • Brand strategy
  • Channel strategy
  • Content strategy

A robust set of activities and tools to enable productive conversation with potential investors

  • Team strategy
  • Unit economics & traction measurement
  • Pitch deck & communications kit
  • Investor outreach strategy
  • Funding & valuation methodologies

May 2023 BATCH